Sunflowers 006m

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Note:This is an original oil painting on canvas! It has been sold out,so it is commission work.Since the artist has got it done once,the second one would be even better than the first one in quality,and we will send you the images for preview before shipping!Satisfiction guaranteed!! We have restrict edition(no more than three) of the reproduction of original work!

Status: made-to-order

Artist:Jingshen You 

Sizes: 30x30inches or 75x75cm

Year of create: 2017

To the artist the sunflower is a metaphor for resilience and perseverance. It is an image of a great personal significance to him as it serves as an inspiration to Jinsheng during the difficult times in his life.

Due to long distance, the painting will be rolled in a tube for shipping, without framing or stretching.